Rolling Trays


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Too Loud Rolling Trays.

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Our trays are available in two cool designs.

The first is a replica of our cool and unique rolling paper pack, and the second is a special one that you need to check out for yourself, as its self explanatory so need need for us to be Too Loud about it!

Perfect for a coffee table rolling tray or simply for your lap. Made from tin our trays are light in weight, durable and medium in size, which is great for travelling.

These rolling trays are a must have accessory, especially if you are a user of our papers and grinders, as it completes the set and will look cool to friends and family.

Our trays are made in china, from high quality tin and with an excellent final print.

We pride ourselves in giving you guys the best products possible, in price and quality and that’s no different with these trays. They’re only medium size but they can hold our largest grinders and a few packs of papers, allĀ  while still having the room to roll one. And when they get messy, they are super easy to clean, as they have a wipe able surface.