Pre Rolled Cones

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Too Loud Pre Rolled Cones

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We have five great offers to suit your smoking needs, you can get a little to a lot, just all depends on the size of your habit and wallet…

Too Loud unbleached king size slim pre rolled cones, are a connoisseurs dream! All natural, and ultra thin for the purest of smokes. We are proud to say that we have teamed up with the guys in Holland at the worlds famous The Original Cones brand are FSC certified and only use natural materials, such as unrefined wood pulp and Arabic gum for an all natural seal. 100% vegan, with no animal by products, chemicals, chlorine or chalk.

Taste the full flavours of your material, while you sit back and really enjoy the moment,  as our papers are slow burning and ultra thin. Less paper, more taste.

Honey golden in colour but basically translucent, our papers are so thin you can see straight through them when held up to the light. And you will notice our straight line water mark, which encourages the paper to burn even.

And if you didn’t know FSC certified means our manufacturers are environmentally friendly, and for every tree used to make our papers, another tree is replanted immediately, cutting down pollution and creating a self sustaining woodland.

Made in Indonesia