Metal Rolling Trays


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Too Loud Metal Rolling Trays

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Our trays are available in four cool colours.

These metal rolling trays are a must have accessory, especially if you are a user of our rolling papers and grinders, as it completes the products and will look cool to friends and family.

Slim and sleek, these trays wont take up much space, but will also give any space a cool look. With the four being great additions to any decor in your house or car.

Our black trays are unique compared to the others, as they have a small hole on one side that’s perfect for holding an incense stick.

Made from metal, these trays are super strong and durable, and with a nice polished surface are super easy to keep clean. These trays are a lot smaller than our printed trays, so you’ll only be able to have your papers and materials on the trays at any one time, but trust us this is plenty of space for creating your roll up.

Again this is another great accessory that compliments the products, we have here at Too Loud. We have colours to match the brand identity and we also have fun vibrant colours, that will make your rolling tray stand out from the rest .





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