Clipper Lighters


Buy now! Our collectable clipper lighters.

Too Loud Clipper Lighters

The Clipper lighters became the worlds first refillable lighter, when it was first launched in 1972, so it was only right that here at Too Loud we teamed up with the world famous lighter brand, to produce our very own all black branded lighters. 

Too Loud lighters are semi disposable, so don’t throw it away when you run out of gas, as these are refillable lighters and you can even change the flint when it burns out, allowing you to keep reusing these cool pocket lighters. If you don’t want to go to the trouble of refilling and changing flints, you can always stash them away as they are collectors items.

Made in Germany using only the highest quality raw materials and include safety features such as a fixed flame, nylon body and a Child Resistant mechanism.

Another great accessory that will match all our products and brand colours perfectly. They go extremely well with our rolling papers and pre rolled cones, light the perfect roll up with our branded lighters.

High quality with a low price. We team up with the best because we aim to be the best.

So go on then add our brand to your collection!