Nottingham, England is the birthplace of Too Loud papers.

Nottingham is a city with historical links to the tobacco industry. The John Players factories had been established from 1868 and only until recently, still played a big part in Nottingham. Smoking products and culture is very much a part of Nottingham’s DNA. Having said that it is only natural that a rolling paper brand is established in the same city.

As well as tobacco, Nottingham is a city known to have a beautiful natural reserve, with its river, canals, gardens, fields and parks. Even the urban housing estates are a wash with nature.

Housing estates such as the Meadows, our founder Jermaine Griffith grew up on, are urban environments heavily surrounded by Mother Nature. Greens leaves, pink and purple blossoms and other colours bless the area in the spring and summer and even in the autumn the colour change in the leaves create a majestic scene.

Along with its beautiful scenery the Meadows tends to be a place with big personality and great character. It is a place that has left its mark on Nottingham city, it can boast to holding the riverside festival a great fun fair with bright lights, food from many cultures and communities, not forgetting the great fire work display loud and bright, not to be missed for miles!

We also host the Caribbean carnival. This carnival is for the people and is heavily attended by people from all walks of life, and its always love and peace, everyone gets along creating a great atmosphere bringing the community together.

With all this culture and community being absorbed throughout Jermaine’s life growing up in Nottingham, Too Loud was created. Too Loud is heavily influenced by the community Jermaine was brought up in.

Too Loud is a social brand aiming to bring a community together, that not only participate in smoking, but people who are looking to be a part of a growing culture.

Too Loud is a carbon copy of Nottingham city, urban with a bit of green (no pun intended) lol.

We bring you a brand for the city people, who love a bit of nature!